Released in March 2008 You Have To Burn The Rope immediately took the Internet by storm. The blogosphere went crazy and walkthroughs, fan-mails and interview requests poured in. A year and a half later the game has been played a total of 3.6 million times (see mochibot stats) and showcased at Spela roll, a Swedish game exhibiton.
In Januari 2009 it was nominated for the Independent Games Festival 2009 Innovation (Nuovo) Award.

Download or PLAY ONLINE.
You Have To Burn The Rope is, by formal definitions, a game since it has all the things that make up a game — besides losing condition which I regret not adding — but I wouldn't call it a game since it is hardly interactive in any meaningful way. The point was to make fun of other games that limit the player's interaction by being easy, linear, or heavily controlled and jokingly ask at which point these games also cease to be games.

Music by Henrik Nĺmark.
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