Metro Rules of Conduct is a game about the awkward situation of commuting in my hometown, Stockholm. Look at mobile phones, ties and MP3 players for score, but whatever you do - avoid eye contact!
Every day I travel with the subway and everyday I am equally amazed. Grown ups are trying their hardest to ignore each other, they sit quietly face to face for maybe as much as twenty minutes in this gray box with nothing to do or look at.
I thought this was funny and ironic, the metro is in a way designed to make people interact; the seats are grouped in sets of four, two facing two – compare this with the long-distance trains where all the seats are facing the same direction giving you a much more enclosed space. Still it only makes us try so much harder to ignore each other. At the same time this is in conflict with human behavior, we are curious, we look at each other and each other’s clothes, accessories, etc.

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